Top 10 travel apps on the U.S. App Store by user acquisition

MobileAction is excited to present the Top 10 Travel Apps by User Acquisition Performance, highlighting the leaders in user acquisition performance in the United States. This curated list recognizes companies with outstanding mobile visibility through paid and organic channels.

The top of the list is booking.comis the best travel app for user acquisition due to its impressive Apple Search Ads visibility score. Following closely: ExpediaOutperform your competitors with outstanding ASO scores. It ranked third, showing strong metrics across both organic and paid strategies. especially, agoda It made the list by distinguishing itself with a variety of active ad creatives and having the highest Ad Intelligence score.

Now, let’s take a closer look at the nitty-gritty and analyze how these top apps consistently outperform their competitors.

  • They show a strong organic presence. Over 5,800 keywords, an impressive 54% ranked in the top 30. Most organic downloads come from a strategic selection of 10 keywords that include your brand, generic terms, and competitor brand keywords. This keyword strategy emphasizes expertise in optimizing visibility and driving organic traffic.
  • Apple Search Ads bids aggressively. 10,000+ keywords100+ has a higher search score than 40. As expected, it ranks #1 on the list of top search results advertisers and is the holder of the highest ASA score in the market.
Search Results Ads – Top Advertisers in Travel Categories
  • To increase your visibility, we also display your ads in the following locations: today tab and Search tab, uses a multi-placement advertising strategy. Beyond the default product page, we created four custom product pages, each tailored to a different function. In particular, one of these custom pages performs better than the default page in terms of impressions.
Custom product pages created on


  • they had Over 9,000 keywords It was ranked organically, with an impressive 58% securing a spot in the top 30, giving it the highest ranking. ASO score On the list. Interestingly, 23% of organic downloads come from branded keywords, with most coming from competitor branded keywords.
Keyword Intelligence – Organic Download History from Expedia
  • Expedia actively bids. on 1,700 keywords Used for search results advertising. Leverage the power of Search tab ads to increase visibility and drive traffic. In addition to the default product pages, Expedia has seven custom product pages that are uniquely customized and localized.
  • they had 36+ live ads This ad is making quite an impression.
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  • has a strong organic presence with: Over 5,900 keywords, an impressive 56 of them ranked first. Our main sources of organic downloads are centered around 11 keywords, including our own brand and those of our competitors. What’s noteworthy is its ability to drive significant downloads even if it doesn’t secure a top 3 spot for its competitors’ branded keywords.
Keyword Intelligence – Organic Download History for
  • They are currently bidding. 1,500+ keywords Used for search results advertising. We’re also running search tab ads to drive awareness and traffic. In addition to the main product page, we have three custom product pages that drive a significant number of impressions and provide custom ad creative targeting brand keywords, general category-related keywords, and competitor brand keywords.
Custom product pages created by


  • They are currently ranked organically. 4,600 keywordsA notable 63% ranked in the top 30. What stands out is that a significant portion of organic downloads come from own brand keywords, highlighting a strong brand presence in the market.
Keyword Intelligence – Organic Download History on Airbnb


  • The current rankings are as follows: on 4,500 keywordsMore than 45% of them have a search score of 40 or higher. For organic downloads, downloads are primarily generated from eight keywords that are a combination of your own brand and competitors’ branded keywords.
  • We are actively bidding. 300+ keywords Used for search results advertising. In addition to the default product page, I created two custom product pages. What makes these custom pages stand out is their targeted approach. It is specially tailored to your own brand keywords and competitor brand keywords.
  • they are currently 26 live ads, each strategically designed to highlight the different benefits users can enjoy through the app. To create a compelling connection, we incorporated real-world visuals to add a realistic touch that will grab users’ attention.
Advertiser Analytics on Vrbo


  • They rank well organically. 3,500 keywords. Most organic downloads come from 11 keywords. In particular, competitor brand Airbnb has the highest download rate.
Keyword Intelligence – Agoda’s Organic Download History
  • We have 14 active ad creatives that outperform the category average in terms of impressions. They created a range of ad creatives to highlight the app’s features and showcase real-world visuals to increase engagement. Using these strategies, they took the top spot. Highest Ad Intel Score On the list.
Agoda’s Creative Analysis

Predict what’s next for your category

Special days and events that influence trends

Keyword trends by MobileAction

Explore the past 90 days with MobileAction’s unique features. Keyword Trends The tool shows correlations between special days, seasonal events, and ASO trends. In particular, keywords such as ‘Burning Man’ and ‘Black Friday’ increase in popularity around the event, but then decline.

‘Burning Man’ keyword search popularity graph

Incorporating relevant keywords for that period is a strategic move for apps related to this situation. Meanwhile, the term ‘relocation’ gained traction last travel season and became a valuable addition to the app’s metadata. Use insights to stay ahead.

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Implementing new technologies in a timely manner

MobileAction’s app update timeline

Integrating new product updates into your app will help you stay on the cutting edge and give you a competitive edge in your category. For example, let’s look at Expedia’s strategic moves. By examining the product page elements of the travel app through the unique features of Mobile Action, Creative Asset HubExpedia updated the app’s screenshot assets and noticed an increase in category rankings.

Additional analysis using App update timeline It turned out that this change occurred just before the peak of the peak travel season. As we analyzed these changes, we discovered that Expedia capitalized on the buzz about the new AI trend by introducing an AI feature that helps users plan their best trips using ChatGPT.

Wondering how your app compares to others on the market? MobileAction is a valuable resource for in-depth competitor analysis. This helps you understand market trends and strengthen your strategy. To gain additional insights and strengthen your position, schedule a demo with MobileAction.


Top advertisers are ranked by analyzing their ASO score, Apple Search Ads score, and Ad Intelligence score from MobileAction’s extensive dataset.

This deep dive is made possible through MobileAction’s services, including Apple Search Ads campaign management and comprehensive app store marketing intelligence. Our platform actively tracks. 5 million keywordsIt provides valuable insight and boasts the following libraries: Over 69 million ad creatives from Over 50 advertising networks worldwide. These impactful features leverage rich data from a variety of apps and creative strategies to power analytics and ensure comprehensive and insightful examination of the travel app industry’s advertising landscape.

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