Recipharm collaborates with Oz-UK on ‘green’ pMDI

Recipharm, a global contract development and manufacturing organization (CDMO), has announced a collaboration with Oz-UK, a contract research organization (CRO) and respiratory R&D solutions provider, to accelerate the development and manufacturing of “green” pressurized metered dose inhalers. pMDI).

pMDI utilizes Recipharm Bespak brand valves and actuators and next-generation low global warming potential (GWP) propellants.

Through this collaboration, Recipharm and Oz-UK will join forces to advance environmentally friendly pMDI, leveraging the strengths and capabilities of both organizations to ensure the fastest route to market for customers. The first formulation includes Koura's Zephex HFA-152a, a sustainable medical propellant that significantly reduces the device's overall carbon footprint.

Recipharm is investing significantly in its product development and manufacturing capabilities and capabilities to meet demand by providing customers with a choice of environmentally friendly propellants for use in pMDI. Earlier this year, CDMO began working with Honeywell to develop pMDI featuring Honeywell Solstice Air (HFO-1234ze(E)) cGMP, as well as significantly expand commercial-scale pMDI manufacturing capabilities at its Holmes Chapel, UK site.

To drive the transition to green propellants for its customers, Recipharm has appointed Simon Gardner as pMDI business development specialist. Gardner joins from Koura with more than 20 years of experience in the medical propellant industry.

Chris Hirst, President of Advanced Delivery Systems at Recipharm, said: “The most important thing in a successful transition for our clients is access to a team of experts who can help guide them through the process. Simon’s extensive experience in medical propellants, including the launch of the Zephex HFA-152a during his time at Koura, means he can help our customers transition to greener devices.”

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Oz-UK has invested in laboratory infrastructure to ensure customer programs are delivered with unrivaled speed and responsiveness. The second plant will open in 2023 and then be further ramped up by mid-2024, adding capacity to manufacture solution and suspension pMDI containing the low-GWP propellants HFA-152a and HFO-1234ze(E). development program.

David Lewis, co-founder of Oz-UK, said: “Recipharm’s agility in adapting to the challenges of new green propellants is impressive and a big part of why we chose to use Recipharm. We requested a specific valve build and were able to put it into production and test it in the lab within a week. “This is the speed needed to successfully transition to low GWP propellants, and we are excited to see our customers’ programs accelerate as a result of this collaboration.”

Hirst added: “Oz-UK has an outstanding reputation for innovation in methods and processes that accelerate the early stages of product formulation. This relationship will allow us to provide greener pMDI to the patients who rely on it to treat chronic conditions like asthma and COPD more quickly than ever before.

“With our manufacturing expertise and development capabilities to support propellant selection, and our expert teams at Recipharm and Oz-UK to support our customers, we are well positioned to be the partner of choice for companies developing sustainable pMDIs. Respiratory care.”

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