Congratulations on another year of partnership and innovation

Hello everyone,

Since joining the team earlier this year, I’ve been continually inspired by the incredible community of people who create apps and games, and have had the privilege of supporting your hard work and creativity. It’s been particularly exciting to see them not only identify new user needs, but also develop innovative ways to address them through apps and games. This year, our annual Best of Play awards introduced new categories to recognize these achievements, including “Best with AI” and “Best multi-device app and game.”

No matter where you are in your developer journey, whether you’ve just published your first app or have already reached users around the world, Google Play is committed to being your partner in your growth. Here’s a look back at some of the key tools, features, and programs we’ve built this year to help you reach your full potential and build a successful business on Google Play.

User Growth and Engagement:


    • Drive revenue more effectively by optimizing local purchasing power at scale with A/B testing pricing.
    • Grow and retain subscribers with new subscription features, such as the ability to offer different auto-renewal and prepaid plan pricing per billing period.
    • To help you optimize for customers around the world, we’ve started automatically updating our min/max price ranges to reflect exchange rate fluctuations against the U.S. dollar. You’ll also receive a notification whenever a price adjustment is recommended for an in-app product.
    • We’ve added several popular local payment methods to our extensive library, including PicPay in Brazil, PayPay in Japan, and expanded support for UPI in India.
    • And with the introduction of the new developer-provided payments API, developers who offer developer-provided payments alongside the Google Play system will enjoy a more streamlined experience.
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Privacy and Security:

Invest in app and game communities

This year’s Indie Games Program helped businesses of all sizes grow on Play. Through the Indie Games Fund, we’re awarding $2 million to 10 Latin American studios and providing practical support to help them grow their games on our platforms. Additionally, early-career indie developers can apply for the Indie Games Accelerator now through December 12, 2023 to receive mentorship from Google and industry experts.

We’re also working to increase representation and equity in the developer community by providing $600,000 to 13 non-profit organizations around the world to support more inclusive programming. For example, we partnered with Global Game Jam and the IGDA Foundation to host a game jam to help women in Asia and Latin America pursue careers in game development.

And finally, we continued to travel the world sharing and celebrating your stories through #WeArePlay. This year we highlighted over 260 app and gaming businesses from Europe, Japan, India, and more.

Looking ahead

I’m excited about the future of Google Play, where we’ll see even more updates and improvements to the work we’ve done this year.

For example, you may have noticed that the Play Store has a new look this year that adds more visual components, new video features, flexible animations, and introduces new ways for people to discover, engage, and re-engage with your apps. You must have done it. And games. In addition to new original editorial content and live streaming events, we’ve also developed new ways for users to be rewarded for their play, including time-limited offers and promotions.

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Over the next year, we’ll build on these investments to deliver even more value to our users and, by extension, more value to your business. We are looking for:

    • Continuously improving the gaming experience across platforms,
    • Guide users to the right experience inside and outside of your app.
    • Helping people get the most out of their devices
    • Make it easier for users and developers to transact when they want.

As you know, Google Play is more than just an app marketplace. We connect people to deliver experiences they’ll love, no matter where they are or what device they’re using. The biggest part is that we’re constantly working to make it easier for people to find the latest and most relevant app and gaming content. This also means delivering this content to people beyond the Play Store, across all devices, when and where it’s most relevant.

Once again, we appreciate all the work you do to make Google Play the best place for apps and games. I can’t wait to see what you build next.

On behalf of everyone on Google Play, we wish you a happy holiday season and a great 2024.

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